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How To Cruise
From dining to shore excursions, let us help make the most of your cruise!

How To Cruise: Tips, Deals & More

First Time Cruiser Or Seasoned Pro? We're Here To Help.

Whether you've got multiple cruises under your belt, or are out to test the waters – so to speak – regarding a cruise vacation, we’re here to make your experience wonderful. A cruise is a means to enjoy incredible food, stop by some of the most engaging ports in the world, and an endless amount of onboard fun. Learn why should your vacation be a cruise vacation?
Finding the Cruise Right For You: A How-To Guide
Whether you know it or not, you have access to hundreds of cruise experts waiting to help. Our vacation consultants are experts in the field, with decades of sales and customer service experience - plus dozens of cruises logged in their passports. At CruisesOnly, we're passionate about cruising - we cruise for fun, for business, with our families, and with our friends. That love of cruising is at the heart of all we do, and inspired all the advice and "insider tips" you'll find in this section. So take a look, and remember, you've got a lot of friends in the business! Learn how to find the cruise right for you.

The Benefits Add Up. We've got important news: every cruise line has a loyalty program. The rewards they offer are almost always combinable with CruisesOnly's exclusive benefits and our other one-of-a-kind extras. Learn about the perks that come with being a past passenger with a fleet-by-fleet breakdown of Cruise Line Loyalty Programs.
Sensational Shipboard Fun
Choosing the perfect cruise line is only the beginning. From onboard entertainment to sensational shore excursions, there's plenty to learn and explore before you're ready to ship out. And while you're picturing yourself poolside, we've got plenty of expert advice on how to best prepare for your upcoming cruise, no matter where you're headed. From the required travel documents and packing essentials to pier directions and expectations of a typical day at sea, you can rely on CruisesOnly to help ensure you get the most from your cruise experience - both before you sail and while onboard. We believe an informed, prepared cruiser is a happy cruiser, and this section will help make sure the planning doesn't get in the way of the daydreaming. Learn about Life Onboard.

Did you know that cruising boasts the travel industry's strongest safety record? The safety of guests and crew members is the top priority of any cruise-line operation. A fun and friendly environment may be the foundation upon which the industry was built, but the overall safety of each passenger is taken very seriously. Learn about many of the practices and procedures that cruise lines have implemented with our guide to Safety @ Sea
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From reviews of cruise lines and ships to exploring fabulous locations, CruisesOnly highlights cruising as part of our video library.

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